Limited Edition NASA Artemis Program/Astronaut Don Thomas Commemorative Medallion with Antique Gold Effect Finish

A Strictly Limited Edition of only 100 pieces in Antique Gold Finish - 1.75" diameter. With certificate boldly hand signed in gold sharpie by astronaut Don Thomas.

Each brand-new medallion is contained within a protective acrylic coin case. The medallions were produced to celebrate the nationwide tour in 2024 of former NASA Astronaut Don Thomas, a veteran of four space shuttle missions.

 Don toured various parts of the country taking in three schools/colleges, an evening dinner event open to the public, a public lecture event, and a day of activities at the National Space Centre in Leicester, England.

  The medallion (front face) honours Donald A. Thomas, a four-time flown NASA astronaut, his space shuttle missions included STS 65, 70, 83 and 94.

He visited the U.K. on behalf of InspireSpace CIC in June of 2024.

 The space shuttle program logo is included along with our nearest celestial neighbour that was last visited by astronauts back in 1972.

 The reverse side of the medallion features the iconic NASA Artemis logo, depicting a woman on the moon. Reflecting the ongoing endeavour of mankind’s return to the moon and a continued presence there soon.


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